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Has it ever taken you months to chase down a bank statement?

Growthwise, a full-service accounting firm based in Australia, is on a mission to help their clients “think, learn, grow, and kick arse”! In order to focus on this mission, they look to improve efficiency in every part of their workflow, especially when executing administrative tasks.

One area they continued to struggle with was document collection and data entry. “We were forever chasing – we once had to chase a client for two months just to get a bank statement!” says Steph Hinds, Head Ninja at Growthwise.

With the help of Hubdoc, Growthwise has been able to fully automate document collection and data entry. Moreover, Hubdoc helps them gather impactful client data in near real-time.

Read our Partner Success Story to learn how Hubdoc has helped Growthwise:

  • Eliminate manual document collection and data entry
  • Cut down annual reporting time and enable easier audit prep
  • Access better data and provide more valuable business advice

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