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Remove friction from your bill pay workflow

Creating an efficient payment processing workflow can be challenging. Between paper checks, approvals, and back-and-forth client communication, it can be difficult to streamline this process in a way that will make your clients’ lives easier.

Fortunately, cloud accounting technology is making it possible to automate your entire bill pay workflow, from bill collection, to data extraction, to payment processing, to bank reconciliation.

In this webinar, we provide a step-by-step walkthrough for how you can use Hubdoc and Bill.com together to streamline your payment processing workflow.

You will learn:

  • How to automatically fetch bills and eliminate data entry using Hubdoc
  • How to pay and process all your bills in minutes using Bill.com
  • Tips and best practices for standardizing your bill pay workflow

Geoffrey Gualano, Hubdoc
Mark Gervase, Bill.com

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Please note that Bill.com is currently only available in the USA.