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Automate document collection with Hubdoc & Xero 

You’re probably all too familiar with the painful task of chasing after your clients’ bills, receipts, and statements. In fact, it’s estimated that advisors spend up to 30% of their time chasing after their clients’ financial documents every month!

Hubdoc is a Xero add-on that automatically fetches bank statements, bills, and receipts from hundreds of banks and online vendors, extracts the key data, and syncs with Xero for seamless reconciliation and audit-proofing.

With Hubdoc, advisors are able to spend less time managing client documents and more time providing valuable advisory services. Better yet, using tools like Hubdoc and Xero together will help firms save time and increase overall efficiency.

In this webinar, we discuss:

  • How to introduce document automation in your bookkeeping workflow
  • How to achieve automated bank reconciliation and audit-proofed books with Hubdoc and Xero
  • How Hubdoc and Xero work together to increase workflow efficiency

The webinar recording is now available on-demand – complete the form to watch!